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Choosing the Best Hurricane Roofing in Florida: Storms, Wind, & Rain

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Hurricane season is just about over for 2020, but that just means one thing: preparing for 2021 and what it might bring. Luckily, if you’re a Florida native or have lived here for a long time, this isn’t anything new for you! However, for some families, preparing for the storms, wind, and rain of 2021 doesn’t mean replacing a generator, stocking up on water and cans, or clearing the old brush from trees. It means looking for a roof replacement.

So, to celebrate another year of surviving hurricane season, we’re going to be answering a common question: what is the best roofing for hurricanes? The quick answer is that metal roofs are generally considered to be the best roofing type for a roof replacement if you’re living in a hurricane-prone area like Brevard County, Florida. From wind resistance to durability, metal roofing is hands-down the best choice to protect your home!

Why Floridians are Switching to Metal Roofs

If you’ve seen us and other companies in Brevard advertising for metal roofs, it’s because they work. Whether you’re in the South, North, East, or West of the state, hurricanes are a danger. Metal roofing is definitely the tried-and-true method of resisting hurricane damage. Not only do they usually come with great warranties, but metal roofing is also rated to resist all but the worst winds, with a wind resistance of 160 MPH. In addition, because of the way that metal roofs are installed, they are long-lasting, durable, and reliable – and they don’t have any pieces or parts that will fly off in strong winds. With a professional roof installation, a metal roof is the one to choose to stand the test of time (and heavy winds!).

What About Shingles & Tiles?

If you really dislike the look of metal roofs, aren’t as worried about hurricanes hitting your area, or don’t want to invest in a metal roof, don’t worry. Recent innovations in roofing have made it so that asphalt shingles and ceramic tile are both still viable options in Florida. While you won’t get the supreme protection that metal roofing provides, you’ll still have a roof that’s rated for up to Category 3 storms, with proper installation. While you might lose pieces of your roof during a hurricane, the good news is that asphalt shingles are one of the cheaper options to repair. Just be warned: in heavier rains and stronger winds, you might see greater damage to your roof. Problems during a storm can lead to major repairs and water damage!

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Is It Time to Replace Your Roof Before Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season, as we all know, lasts for a lot of the year: between June and November. Right now is the perfect time to consider getting a free inspection and estimate if you’re considering changing your roofing material before the next hurricane season! Don’t wait until the last minute and get stuck in the busy season. The worst time to get a roof replacement, a roof repair, or your yearly maintenance is when everyone is prepping for hurricane season. By taking the time and preparing for a roof replacement in the winter or spring, you can make sure that your home is properly secured in time to any wind, rain, storms, or hurricanes that next year might bring! Contact your local, professional roofing company today to get started.

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