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Protecting Your Roof Over Time

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A well-maintained roof doesn’t just look great in the neighborhood. Taking care of your roof can be the difference between constant repairs and a roof that lasts for decades. So, we’ll be answering a great question that comes up with every new roof installation: How can you make your roof last longer? In addition to regular maintenance from a trusted company, you should also clean your gutters, ensure that your rooftop is clear of debris, and pay attention to catch potential problems early on. Routine roof maintenance and inspections from a local, licensed company like Pro’s Choice Roofing LLC guarantees that your roof will always have a professional eye looking for damage, cracks, wear, and problem points. We always recommend getting an inspection at least once per year and after major storms!

Clean Leaves from Your Gutters

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Cluttered, unkempt gutters may seem like a small problem for your roof. Unfortunately, clogged gutters happen quickly and can lead to ruined paint, mold growth, and water damage in your roof and rafters. Piling leaves during storms, high winds, and the fall/winter make gutters a mess, and it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent buildup of water. The water overflow from blocked gutters will cause water to flow upwards instead of out, and this can cause rotting over time, especially with your roof sheathing and the roof rafters. Not only can this eventually cause leaks, but the water damage can end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs!

Keep Your Yard in Check

Florida is known for having  vibrant, green, and lush flora all year round. While beautiful, your yard may be damaging your rooftop with every hurricane, high wind, and stormy day. Overgrown trees are important to cut back away from your home so that the branches and leaves don’t rub against the rooftop and damage shingles. In addition, leaves that fall or blow from nearby trees can collect on the rooftop and trap moisture, causing both moss growth and water damage if not removed. Tree-trimming certainly helps the long-term wear and tear on your home, and you’ll see a difference in the additional years and lower repair costs for your roof.

Pay Attention to Your Roof

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Glancing at your roof every single day may not sound like a big chore, but it certainly makes a huge difference. By paying attention to your roof regularly, you’ll be able to spot unusual changes and potential problems early. Small repairs and issues turn into much bigger ones if left unnoticed, so do yourself a favor! If you notice changes in coloration, cracking or torn shingles, rusting on flashing, damaged soffits and facia, or sagging, be sure to call your local, trusted roofing company as soon as possible to prevent further damage and more expensive repairs.

In addition, we recommend paying attention to your roof during and after stormy weather. Scurrying in the attic, leaks discoloring the ceiling, and missing shingles are common problems after big storms. In Florida, ignoring the damage from one storms can often make the next storm much worse for homeowners. Get problems taken care of as soon as possible to keep your roof in the best possible shape!

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