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severe shingle damage

Whether it’s just a few shingles or an entire roof of damaged shingles, when you notice shingles falling off your rooftop, you know that it’s nothing to ignore. Just like water on the ceiling or squirrels in the attic, missing roof components are a sign that you need professional help before your repair costs go up.

Your roof is a vital part of your home’s protection from Florida’s extreme weather conditions. Not only do asphalt shingles, metal rooftops, and tile roof shingles protect from high wind and rain – they also provide insulation from extreme heat and prevent water leaks from damaging your home.

If you have a few missing shingles on your home, then it’s time to read our guide on the cause behind that missing shingle and what to do when you have spotted the issue.

Why You Have Missing Roof Shingles

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There are plenty of reasons why pieces of your roof have decided to abandon your house. But even high-quality shingles can require roof work after a storm (or if they aren’t applied properly). If you notice that you have missing spots on your roof, make sure you replace shingles as soon as possible to prevent further damage!

Note: We aren’t going to talk about when random shingles fall off from high winds, fallen trees, hurricanes, and hail damage – major storm damage from extreme conditions can require extensive repairs even when your roof is healthy and well-maintained. The top three reasons you may have a lost shingle:

  • Improper Installation: There are two ways for a shingle to be installed during a roofing project: using adhesive or nails. If they aren’t installed correctly, winds and rain can cause them to blow off. Usually, in this case, the culprit is that the nails are placed too high on the nailing strip, and the shingle will tear off.
  • Recent Roof Installation: Did you recently get a new roof installed? After a roof replacement, the new roof needs time to cure if adhesive strips were used. Depending on temperature changes, the season, and how much direct sunlight your house gets, a few new shingles may need to be replaced if they have not cured properly before a storm hits. Call your roofer for a fix under warranty!
  • Old Age: Sometimes, roofs just get old and need replacing (usually after 10-20 years). If you are finding a lot of protective surface granules in your gutters or noticing that shingles are appearing on the ground among storm debris, then it may be time to have your roof replaced by a pro roofer. In these cases, it’s often must more cost-effective to get a replacement roof than it is to continue repairing after bad weather.

Repair and Replace Missing Shingles with a Roofing Company

major shingle damage

As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the condition of your roof. After all, your roof is what protects your home from the elements. If you notice that you have missing shingles or signs of water damage, it’s important to call an expert team of roofers like Pro’s Choice Roofing. We can perform necessary repairs or replacements on all commercial and residential properties in Brevard County! Call today to set up your free estimate and free inspection for a roof repair, installation, or other rooftop maintenance!

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