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Dealing with a damaged roof is stressful and costly. But what if there was a cutting-edge solution that could provide immediate protection and prevent further damage while you wait for permanent repairs? Introducing Stormseal, the innovative roof shrink wrap replacing blue roof tarps as the top temporary roofing solution. As a certified installer of Stormseal, Pro’s Choice Roofing has seen firsthand how shrink-wrapping roofs is the most effective solution to prevent water leaks and protect residential and commercial roofs.

Stormseal is a game-changer when it comes to roof protection. It’s not your typical blue roof tarp or temporary fix. This large plastic membrane is a unique polyethylene film that wraps around your damaged roof and heat-shrinks, creating a tight seal that keeps out rain, wind, and other elements. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Stormseal and how it can safeguard your home.

Understanding Stormseal: The Top Roof Shrink Wrap

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Stormseal is an advanced roof protection solution that utilizes shrink-wrap roofing technology. It is a film that can shrink-wrap roofs or structures for up to 12 months in the case of a natural disaster, construction delay, or storm damage. Using a heat gun, Stormseal shrinks tightly over the roof or structure (and can even cover the entire roof) to shrink-wrap wherever needed.

An emergency roof tarp has to be replaced and only partially prevents water damage while you search for a permanent roof solution. Stormseal provides a precise, weather-resistant seal that conforms to the contours of all roof types. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for times when you need your roof protected in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane or other major disaster, when a roofing contractor needs to protect new construction on a house or building, or when there’s a waiting period before you can get your new roof replacement.

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How Stormseal Protects Your Home

Stormseal offers several key benefits that make it the number-one solution in the world for temporary roof protection. This patented process has helped over 9,000 businesses and homes across the world following storms, fires, natural disasters, and more. Contractors, roofers, construction companies, and homeowners love Stormseal and shrink-wrapped roofing – and it’s easy to see why!

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Stormseal will shrink-wrap roof damage, providing a watertight barrier and preventing moisture from entering your home. Beyond being watertight, Stormseal wrap services protect your roof for up to 12 months and have been tested against high wind speeds and heavy hail (so bad weather won’t put more holes in your asphalt shingle or tile roof). The shrink wrap also provides fire and UV protection!

Mold and Mildew Prevention

Moisture and leaks lead to mold and mildew growth, posing health risks to you and your family. Shrink-wrapping with Stormseal’s tight seal prevents water intrusion, reducing the risk of mold and preserving the indoor air quality of your home.

Quick Installation

The heat application method allows your roof to be shrink-wrapped ASAP following strong winds or hail. A fast and efficient installation minimizes the time your damaged roof is exposed to the elements. No more damage or repair costs! Plus, this heat seal is what makes shrink-wrap roof protection extra tight and secure, ensuring that you won’t see any more leaks or damage where Stormseal has your house and family covered.

Versatile Application

Stormseal is not limited to protecting structures damaged by storms. You can shrink-wrap roof damage on any roof shape, material, or size, including flat roofs, A-frame homes, metal roofs, and even windows. Blue roof tarps don’t provide the same protection as shrink-wrap roof services!

We Shrink Wrap Roofs After Storms & Hurricanes

At Pro’s Choice Roofing, we understand the urgency of roof repair and the need for immediate protection when disaster strikes. We offer certified Stormseal installation services to Florida homeowners affected by storms, hail, winds, and hurricanes.

Orange Stormseal roof wrap for protecting home

Our experienced professionals will assess your roof damage and provide temporary shrink-wrap roof protection using Stormseal. With our expertise and attention to detail, we want you to know that your damaged roof receives the utmost care and protection until permanent repairs can be made.

The Nightmare of Roof Tarps

Fun Fact: Did you know that tarps fail five times on average during the repair process? It’s true! During the time that you’re dealing with insurance claims and finding the right repair option, tarps can actually lead to more damage. Stormseal lasts up to 12 months, and it’s one of the easiest temporary roof protectors to remove and reapply during roofing and insurance inspections.

When a contractor puts blue tarps over storm damage, they do their best to secure the tarp with sandbags and rope. However, these tarps are prone to coming loose, slipping, or even blowing away during bad weather – the time you need them most! Slipping sandbags, pooled water, and noisy flapping are just a few of the troubles that homeowners and businesses face when waiting for their roof repair. Sometimes, failed tarps can be the culprit behind even more water damage, mold, and missing shingles.

Why suffer through the nightmare of blue roof tarps when you can trust an accredited Stormseal provider like Pro’s Choice Roofing to bring you a better option. Secure, watertight, safe, and long-lasting shrink-wrap makes all the difference for your peace of mind (and budget).

Fight Storm Damage, Mold, and More with Pro’s Choice Roofing

When protecting your home from the elements after roof damage, don’t settle for traditional blue tarps that fail to provide comprehensive coverage. Invest in the cutting-edge technology of Stormseal, the roof shrink wrap that offers superior protection and peace of mind.

The installation process is simple but requires an experienced and certified Stormseal installer like Pro’s Choice Roofing. Create a seamless barrier against the elements with our professionally heat-welded shrink-wrap film! Contact Pro’s Choice Roofing to safeguard your house during long repair and insurance claim processes. Trust our shrink-wrap roofing services to help you weather any storm!

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