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Roof Damage? Try Stormseal’s Shrink Wrap for Roofs!

Dealing with a damaged roof is stressful and costly. But what if there was a cutting-edge solution that could provide immediate protection and prevent further damage while you wait for permanent repairs? Introducing Stormseal, the innovative roof shrink wrap replacing blue roof tarps as the top temporary roofing solution. As…
Rebecca Gibbons
February 15, 2024
aerial picture of roofs in neighborhoodUncategorized

How Can I Make My Roof Last Longer?

Protecting Your Roof Over Time A well-maintained roof doesn't just look great in the neighborhood. Taking care of your roof can be the difference between constant repairs and a roof that lasts for decades. So, we'll be answering a great question that comes up with every new roof installation: How…
Rebecca Gibbons
December 15, 2023
Brown metal roof on house in FloridaUncategorized

Finding the Best Metal Roofing Manufacturer

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Metal Roofing Manufacturer Did you know that metal roofing is the second most popular choice for residential roofing shingles and commercial projects? That's right! So it's no surprise that finding the best metal roofing manufacturer is a big part of replacing your…
Rebecca Gibbons
November 15, 2023
Roof insulation in homeUncategorized

How Much Does Roof Insulation Help Your Home?

Whether you're fixing a poorly-insulated attic or insulating your attic during a roof replacement, installing insulation is an important aspect of protecting your home, increasing your home's energy efficiency, and ensuring that you get the best out of your roof. But why is it so important? How much insulation do…
Rebecca Gibbons
October 15, 2023
Stone-coated steel tile rooftopUncategorized

Different Types of House Roofs: Styles & Materials of Rooftops

Why Have Different Roofing Materials and Types? Various roofing styles and materials can be attributed to regional climate, architectural trends, cultural influences, and functional requirements. Different rooftops have evolved from the gambrel roof to the cross-hipped roof to address specific needs, such as shedding snow, withstanding high winds, or providing…
Rebecca Gibbons
June 15, 2023
Roof with catastrophic roof damage from stormUncategorized

Understanding High Wind Speeds & Damaging Winds

Storm Season: What is Considered "High Winds" for Florida? Floridians love a fresh breeze for windy beach days. But we're also always on the look-out for when a gentle breeze turns into a thunderstorm, causing damage to rooftops, trees, vehicles, and more. Today we're going to be going over high…
Rebecca Gibbons
May 15, 2023
Florida neighborhood in Cocoa FLUncategorized

The Top 5 Most Common Roofing Problems

Your home's roof protects your home and your family from even the worst of Florida's weather and heat, making it one of the most important parts of your house to maintain. Understanding signs of potential issues and knowing when to call a professional roofer can save you thousands of dollars…
Rebecca Gibbons
April 15, 2023