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When you live in a humid area, you’re a lot more likely to need roof repairs than you might in a drier part of the country. In a place like Merritt Island, which sees a fair amount of storms in the summer, knowing the right Merritt Island roofer can be critical. Keeping your roof in good shape means preventing water damage and reducing the costs of your annual roof maintenance!

When a storm really slams into your home, it’s obvious that you’ll need to call for roofing help, but there are also far more subtle signs that you’ve got roof damage and need to get things repaired right away. Wind, rain, and Florida’s heat create wear-and-tear on your roof every day. If you spot any of these issues, it’s time to call a reliable roofer before things really get out of hand.

Warped or Missing Shingles

One missing shingle isn’t a big deal, right? Think again. Even one damaged shingle represents a weak point in the roof, and in an area that sees regular storms and humidity like Merritt Island, one weak point is too many. If even one spot on your roof needs to be patched, it opens up a place for water to start eating away at the house underneath.

When a storm occurs near your home, you should perform a visible inspection of your roof as soon as the danger has passed. If you notice any shingle on your roof that doesn’t look right, you need to call your Merritt Island roofer for repairs. Remember, the quicker you fix damage, the less chance there is that the next storm will cause a leak.

Moisture in the Attic

putting on new shingles

Moisture is far more common in the basement, but it’s much more of a problem when it shows up in the attic because it can attack the wood that’s part of your roof. In a really humid area like Merritt Island, moisture in the attic can be devastating because there’s little to no letup from the weather. Just think about all of the summer afternoon storms! All that humidity can quickly lead to water damage and costly mold remediation.

Storms and especially hurricanes will lead to moisture that can warp the wood and require major roof repairs if you leave the attic untreated. As soon as you spot any kind of moisture in the roof, it’s a good idea to call for a roof repair so that you can stop a problem before things really get out of hand.

New Ceiling Stains

Ceiling stain inside of home from leaky rooftop

Signs of a necessary roof repair are not always on the outside of your home. Sometimes, it’s important to keep an eye on things inside. Brown or yellow ceiling stains are a common sign that there’s something funky going on with your roof. Active leaks will often cause ceiling stains to appear after several rainy days, as the water collects and soaks into the floor of the attic.

And the worst part? A spot of brown on the ceiling likely means that there is a colony of mold growing on the other side. When you notice symptoms of an active leak, be sure to call your reliable roofing company before the leak gets worse. After a roof repair, you’ll want to keep an eye on the ceiling spot to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. And of course, replace or clean the effected area to prevent further mold growth and damage!

Hopefully, you’ll never need to worry about finding a reputable roofer, but when you’re seeing signs of roof damage, it’s important to find the right Merritt Island roofer to fix the damage. If you’re observant, you can head off serious damage before things get out of hand! A professional roof repair not only keeps your home safe, it will also make your reliable roof last even longer. When you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to give Pro’s Choice Roofing a call to get your home back in shape!

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