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storm damage on roof

If you live in Merritt Island, Florida, or the surrounding parts of Brevard County, then you’re probably always keeping an eye out for new leaks or storm damage to your shingle or metal roofing. As your local Merritt Island roofing contractors, we understand that Florida’s humidity, hurricanes, storms, wind, and sun all work year-round to wear down your roofing materials!

Make sure your existing rooftop lasts for years or decades by catching damage early. Mold, moisture, and worse can happen from just one roof leak – residential and commercial customers might even need a complete re-roofing if the damage is bad enough.

Is It Time to Call a Roofer?

To help out our local friends, families, and neighbors, we’ve put together another guide about three more signs that it’s time to call your area’s top roofing contractors for expert repair services. If you want to take a look at our previous article on signs that you need general roof repair, you can check it out here!

very damage sagging roof

Sagging Spots

If you’ve noticed your rooftop looking a little droopy lately, it’s time to call in your favorite roofing contractors. Sagging doesn’t always mean that your home is in immediate danger, but it does mean that you have to call a roofing contractor ASAP. If caught early, your roofing can be repaired without needing a roof replacement.

What Causes Sagging?

Any metal roof or asphalt roof can sag due to a few common causes.

  • Water Damage: Excess moisture can cause the underlying boards and wood to rot, weakening and damaging supports.
  • Weight: While this isn’t as likely in Merritt Island, FL, extra weight from snow or a bad design can cause your structure to drop over time.
  • Poor Quality Workmanship: Residential roofing can suffer from a faulty roof installation or bad roofing material from shady roofing contractors who cut corners – making your rooftop break down much faster.

To fix sagging spots, a roofing company will need to do an inspection and determine the cause – then they can figure out if wood, sheet metal, or shingles need replacing (while shoring up the structure) or a new roof.

Animals in the Attic

gutter squirrel

Missing soffits, holes, gutter problems, and other damage can let all kinds of vermin into your home – namely the attic. Squirrels, rats, possums, raccoons, and other critters are extremely happy to let you know when you have roofing needs.

You can get all kinds of roofing issues from animals making a home in your attic. Whether you have damage or an old roof, rodents in the attic will chew on wiring, bury into insulation and ductwork, and – worst of all – leave all kinds of droppings right above your ceiling.

To avoid this, get a free estimate from a reliable company in Merritt Island, FL, to find out whether you need repairs or to have your existing roof replaced by roofing contractors. After your home’s roof has been fixed up by the roofing pros, then it’s time to call pest control.

High Power Bills

paying bills

A good rooftop with insulation will help your home be energy efficient. But if there are holes and missing shingles, then you’re in for a bad time when summer rolls around. Your energy costs are likely to skyrocket as your AC works much harder to cool down your space.

If your power bills go up suddenly after a storm or high winds, it’s time to call a trusted roofer for an inspection to find out if air is escaping through damage. Professional roofing services from roofing contractors in Merritt Island, FL can make a huge difference in keeping costs down!

Full-Service, Quality Work from the Pros

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From Titusville to Melbourne Beach to Palm Bay, Pro’s Choice Roofing is bringing the best roofing contractors in the residential and commercial roofing industry to our friends and neighbors! We’re a roofing business located in Merritt Island, Florida, offering great customer service, local pros, and extremely professional and specialized crews.

We have experience performing roofing repairs, roof replacements, maintenance, and new installations on metal roofing, shingles, and more. Get a free inspection and estimate for residential and commercial roofing when you call today!

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