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sagging roof

3 More Signs It’s Time to Call the Roofing Pros

If you live in Merritt Island, Florida, or the surrounding parts of Brevard County, then you're probably always keeping an eye out for new leaks or storm damage to your shingle or metal roofing. As your local Merritt Island roofing contractors, we understand that Florida's humidity, hurricanes, storms, wind, and…
Rebecca Gibbons
March 15, 2023
leaves in gutter

How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last in Florida?

Between our humid climate, hot summers, and stormy hurricane seasons, Florida has a lot to consider when it comes to roof replacements and repairs. Due to unique weather conditions and seasonal high winds, the lifespan of your roof may be less than you think depending on the roofing material and…
Rebecca Gibbons
February 15, 2023
satellite image of hurricane

How to Prepare a Roof for Hurricane Season

The 2022 hurricane season starts the very first day of June. While that may seem like a ways away, it's really just around the corner! The spring season is the best time to start making sure that you and your home are prepped for any hurricanes that might hit the…
Rebecca Gibbons
September 15, 2022